2019-06-27 · This is where SAP-certified third party applications such as Compleo Suite can come in handy. With Compleo Suite, you can automatically convert an SAP spool file into a formatted Excel file. Let’s take a look at two main ways you can transform SAP data. Without Compleo Suite. Option 1: 1.)


It’ll automatically create .REG file containing registry key information. Congratulations! You have made a registry script file yourself. C: Editing Registry Script File. Now go to the folder containing registry script file which you created, right-click on the .REG file and select Edit option. It’ll open the registry script file …

file_getnext. Scrolling through a database file. file_operation. Editing the log files of a database.

Reg info file in sap

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In the SAP Webdispatcher trace file the following messages appear: Thr 140070209943296] *** WARNING => Failed to read group info for system (ABAP,HTTP): Internal ICM error(-1) [icrxx.c 6785] Thr 140070209943296] *** WARNING => Failed t EventMessageFile (REG_SZ): :\usr\sap\saprouter\saprouter.exe TypesSupported (REG_DWORD): 0x7; Every SAProuter needs a file called "saprouttab". This is normally expected in the same directory as saprouter.exe is located. You should have a look at the end of this web-site or to the SAP Help Portal how to setup this for productive use. Tagged: FN_REG_INFO .

You need to check Reg-info and Sec-info settings. Most of the cases this is the troublemaker(!) Please pay special attention to this phase!

File reginfo controls the registration of external programs in the gateway. You can define the file path using profile parameters gw/sec_info and gw/reg_info . The default value is:

Thank you very much! regards Axel. How to Access data from SAP Content Server through SAP Portal. Hi Experts, I want to aceess the data from SAP Content server through portal.

Reg info file in sap

Missing (depth 2) file E:\Oracle\Middleware\modules\xercesImpl.jar referenced Missing (depth 4) file E:\Oracle\Middleware\EPMSystem11R1\common\SAP\lib\com.sap. Storage] trace: Unable to load registry using reg.properties RegistryWizardState] No preexisting registry connectivity info found.

file_operation. Editing the log files of a database. file_restore. Restoring a database file. get_default. DBM command used only by DBM client programs. help.

Reg info file in sap

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Component : Gateway/CPIC - Security. Solution : https://service.sap.com/sap/support/notes/1425765 (SAP Service marketplace login required) Key words : reg_info, reginfo, sec_info, secinfo, display, gw/reg_no_conn_info.

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